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About Video - The Unseen Side of The Internet - ''HIDDEN INTERNET''(TECH SILK) The Unseen Side of The Internet - ''HIDDEN INTERNET''(TECH SILK) The internet has revolutionized nearly every aspect of our lives, from work and play to relationships. It's a vast, endless expanse where countless people and ideas intermingle. Whether you're into technology, art, or politics, there's a corner of the internet tailored to your interests and beliefs. The internet has connected us in unprecedented ways, allowing people from all corners of the globe to come together. It's a vast library containing countless pieces of information, from useful to irrelevant, legal to illicit, moral to immoral. If you need something, whether it's a service or product, the internet can provide it. However, it's essential to choose how you use this information wisely. The dark web, a hidden layer of the internet, is a haven for criminal activities. It's a place where criminals, predators, spies, and even human traffickers operate, all while remaining anonymous. Accessible in minutes, the dark web is a world that many are curious about but few dare to explore. Let's explore the internet in three different layers. First, there's the surface web, where you hang out daily—YouTube, Twitter, and all the social media buzz. This space, known as the World Wide Web, is easily searchable via engines like Google. Imagine this: every second, 1,000 photos hit Instagram, 8,000 tweets fly on Twitter, 70,000 Google searches occur, and almost 100,000 YouTube videos play. The surface web seems vast, and it truly is in terms of activity. You can dig up a lot about someone, but certain private things, like bank details or medical records, are off-limits, secured behind passwords on specific sites. Now, let's step into the Deep Web, where unindexed content hides. If it's not on Google, it's in the Deep Web. Surprisingly, you've technically wandered into the Deep Web by logging into your email. It's not as mysterious as it sounds, just a bit more discreet than the surface web. But here's the kicker—the Deep Web holds a whopping 96% of all internet content. Even if you surfed new sites every day for 50 years, you'd barely scratch the surface of this immense sea of information. Much of it, you wouldn't even be able to access. The internet is like an iceberg, and what we see is just the tip. ✅✅✅ Subscribe Link : Keywords: The Unseen Side of The Internet - ''HIDDEN INTERNET''(TECH SILK),the unseen side of the internet - ''hidden internet''(tech silk),TECH SILK,sam altman,ai,silk,machine learning,openai gpt-5 release,make money online,science,pika labs,ai cover,tesla stock,tesla stock analysis,tesla stock prediction,tsla stock,pika labs tutorial,ai animation generator,ai tools,The Unseen Side of The Internet - ''HIDDEN INTERNET'',HIDDEN INTERNET',The Unseen Side of The Internet