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About Video - TOWER CRANE POV ZONES & REBAR & CAGES!! ⬇️The Best Crane and Rigging Resource ⬇️ ⬆️ #1 📕4️⃣ Rigging and cranes 🏗️ ⬆️ TOWER CRANE POV ZONES & REBAR & CAGES!! Tower crane working with Ironworkers and with Rigger/Hook-Tender to place steel zones constructed or rebar into place in a large footing. Tower crane takes direction from the Hook-Tender and places the steel in place while working in close quarters with other workers. Great Tower Crane sequence. Must watch if you love cranes. Keywords: TOWER CRANE POV ZONES,CRANE POV ZONES,CRANE POV ZONES & REBAR,VIDEO LOG,HEAVY BROWN,CRANE POV ZONES & REBAR & CAGES,TOWER CRANE POV,crane,TOWER CRANE POV ZONES & REBAR,tower crane,CRANE VLOG,OPERATOR POV,CRANE POV,SKY CRANE,crane pov zones,pov,crane climb,crane pov zones & rebar,construction,towercrane,machinery,ConcreteOperator,Builder