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About Video - The NEW Fibreglass Boat- Restoration Project - Part 1! The NEW Fibreglass Boat- Restoration Project - Part 1! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get ready for a whole new restoration series! In this series I've picked up an old (I suspect 70s or early 80s) 12 foot open boat for a new fibreglass boat restoration project! I plan to do a sequence of videos on this boat, an I suspect it will be much more resource intensive than my recent projects (we're talking transom, stringers, floor, the lot)! Settle in and enjoy, don't forget to subscribe and leave a like or a comment. CONTACT ME : ---------------------- IG: Email: Thanks for watching 💓!! Keywords: boat restoration,boat,fiberglass,restore,small boat,tiny boat,12 foot,diy,stringers,floor,repair,fishing,queensland,install,paint,gel coat,new fibreglass boat- restoration project,Fibreglass Boat- Restoration Project,fibreglass boat- restoration project,restoration,The NEW Fibreglass Boat- Restoration Project,the new fibreglass boat- restoration project