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About Video - Bushing Removal Guide.[Truck] THE AFRICAN CAR GUY Bushing Removal Guide.[Truck] THE AFRICAN CAR GUY To properly remove old bushings from your truck, you will need a few essential tools. Start by jacking up the truck and securing it safely on jack stands. Next, use a C-clamp to press out the old bushings from the control arms. Make sure to wear safety goggles and gloves to protect yourself from any debris. Once the old bushings are removed, clean the mounting surfaces thoroughly before installing the new bushings. This will ensure a proper fit and proper function of your truck's suspension system. #mechanic #automobile #diy #truckrepair Keywords: Bushing Removal Guide,THE AFRICAN CAR GUY,Truck,bushing removal guide,family guy,car general servicing,car general service,telugu car review,car general checkup,chevrolet beat service,chevrolet beat diesel service,car servicing,car service near me,best car service centre,car repair,Bushing Removal Guide.[Truck] THE AFRICAN CAR GUY,the african car guy,Track repair,pcb track repair,track saw,tritan track,ez track,how to repair pcb trace