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About Video - The Intersection of Spirituality & Self-Love Memorable Quotes: • "Love is the language of the universe. Love is the thing that makes the universe go round. Love is the answer. Love is always the answer." • "Spirituality and self-love are not that far apart from one another. The foundation is love." • "This is much, much, much bigger than ourselves." Topics Discussed In This Episode: • Spiritual individualism: Carving your own unique spiritual path, embracing your quirks and passions, and finding self-love that transcends external validation. • Raising your vibration: Increasing your energy frequency, attracting positive experiences, and magnetizing like-minded people. • Manifesting: Using positive thoughts and vibrations to attract your desires into reality. • Divine connection: Feeling connected to something greater than yourself, a universal source, or your higher self. • Creative expression: Exploring your talents and passions to connect with your inner self and raise your vibration. • Shadow work: Facing and integrating your "darker" aspects to heal and become a more complete version of yourself. • One-ness: Recognizing the interconnectedness of all things and beings. This podcast episode delves into the intersection of self-love and spirituality, emphasizing the power of carving your own path and embracing your quirks. It explores concepts like raising your vibration through practices like meditation and challenging limiting beliefs, all while acknowledging the potential challenges like fear of judgment and missing out. Ultimately, it encourages listeners to connect with their authentic selves, build a supportive community, and remember the interconnectedness of everything, leaving them with the inspiring message that love is the universal language and the key to personal and collective growth. To Follow, Find Luisa Here:  • The Website ( • Instagram ( • YouTube ( • Pinterest  (   Want Community Support? Click Here To Join ( A Beautifully Soulful Community