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About Video - HOMEMADE HASH BROWNS – Extra Crunchy & Easy. Making hash browns. Recipe by Always Yummy! Thin and soft hash browns with crunchy golden crust are perfect for breakfast or family dinner. Making hash browns in 20 minutes! ❤️ If you like the recipe and want to say thanks, you can buy us a coffee - ✅ Ingredients: • potato – 14 oz | 400 g • onion – 2 oz | 50 g • all-purpose flour – 2 tbsp • 1 egg • red chili flakes – ¼ tsp • ground black pepper – ⅓ tsp • salt – ⅔ tsp • vegetable oil – 3 fl oz | 80 ml ✅ You will need: * 2 bowls * grater * pan * carving board * cheesecloth or cloth napkin 📙 Preparation 1. Peel and shred the potatoes, leave them in a bowl of cold water for 5 minutes. 2. Chop up the onion. 3. Rinse the potatoes in cold water twice, place them in a clean cloth napkin or cheesecloth and squeeze out any excess liquid. 4. Lay the shredded potatoes in a bowl, add chopped onion, spices, flour and an egg, mix well with a fork. 5. Heat a pan over medium heat, take a spoonful of the mixture and form the pancake-like hash browns in the pan, fry them on each side for 4-5 minutes. 6. Serve hash browns hot with ketchup, sour cream and sauces. Keywords: homemade hash browns,making hash browns,crispy hash browns,home made hash browns,american hash brown,hash brown fries,best hash browns,easy hashbrowns,hash brown breakfast,cooking hashbrowns,quick hash browns,simply hash browns,best homemade hashbrowns,perfect hash browns,crispy hashbrowns,simply potatoes hash browns,hash browns,hashbrowns,recipe,home made hash brown,diner style hash browns,diner hash browns,home made hash browns easy