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About Video - Taj Mahal || History of Taj Mahal || Taj Mahal Secret || Explained by Khuram Javed || #pointout The Taj Mahal, which was constructed in 1632 by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his woman Mumtaz Mahal, had been originally named' Roza-e-Munavvara' which means Unique structure, but was also renamed by Shah Jahan as Taj Mahal as a loving homage to his woman for whom his love surpassed all belief. A aggregate of 40 thousand labourers and crafters worked on it continuously for twenty times, the capstone of their work now known as one of the Seven prodigies of the World and a dream for every loving couple in the world. Despite the fact that there are thousands of monuments in the world that are contemporary to the Taj Mahal and indeed centuries aged, the Taj is flocked by thousands of excursionists every day from across the globe, who all come to see this monument, which is known as an epitome of love Keywords: history,Hot issues,hidden the truth,Personalities,taj mahal,taj mahal tour,mahal,taj mahal video,taj mahal history,taj mahal india,taj mahal inside,mumtaz mahal,taj mahal malayalam,taj mahal 4k,taj mahal information,taj mahal documentary,secrets of the taj mahal,taj mahal agra,taj mahal story,taj mahal movie,taj mahal secrets,taj mahal interior,shah jahan,secrets of taj mahal,taj mahal secret door,facts about taj mahal,taj mahal inside video