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About Video - Scott Trench’s 5 Steps to START Investing in Real Estate in 2024 BONUS EPISODE Investing in real estate can build you massive wealth. And here’s the secret no one wants to tell you: it isn’t all that hard. But before you jump to conclusions and call real estate a get-rich-quick scheme, let’s lay down the law. Investing in real estate is a simple, repeatable process that MANY Americans have used to get rich, but it takes knowledge and time to succeed. Where do you go to learn how to buy your first or next rental property? Well, you’re already here! In this bonus episode, Scott Trench, CEO of BiggerPockets AND decade-long investor, will share his five-step, repeatable process for finding and analyzing real estate deals. Scott has taken the SLOW route to wealth. He doesn’t have a hundred units, a big real estate fund, or a yacht. But he does have a thirteen-unit passive-income-producing rental portfolio that pays him money every single month. Stick around to learn how YOU can get your first or next rental property in 2024. Want full access to the tools and resources from this episode, including calculators and rent estimators? Sign up for BiggerPockets Pro and use code “STABLEWEALTHYT” for a special discount: ~~~~ Join BiggerPockets for FREE 👇 ~~~~ Expand Your Investing Knowledge With the BiggerPockets Books: ~~~~ Find an Investor-Friendly Agent in Your Area: ~~~~ Find Investor-Friendly Lenders: ~~~~ Use the BiggerPockets Tools from This Episode: Rent Estimator: Rental Property Calculator: ~~~~ Connect with Other Investors on the BiggerPockets Forums: ~~~~ Grab the “Quick Start Guide” to Real Estate: ~~~~ Hear Scott on the “BiggerPockets Money” Podcast: ~~~~ Grab Scott’s Investing Books: Set for Life: First-Time Home Buyer: ~~~~ Work with Rent to Retirement for Your First or Next Turnkey Rental Property: ~~~~ Connect with Scott on BiggerPockets: Scott: Show notes at: 00:00 Intro 01:52 Meet BiggerPockets 04:13 Who Should Invest in Real Estate? 07:41 The Best Wealth-Building Strategy 13:27 2024 Housing Market Predictions 22:45 Choosing a Rental Market 24:46 How to Find a Deal in 5 Steps 30:48 How to Analyze a Real Estate Deal 37:21 Are New Homes Your Best Bet? 42:49 Building Your Buy Box 47:09 The Must-Have Investing Tool Keywords: investing in real estate,build wealth,real estate,real estate investing,how to invest in real estate,invest in real estate,real estate investing for beginners,real estate investing 101,rental property,income property,investment property,rental property investing,passive income,cash flow,real estate cash flow,how to build wealth,how to get rich,how to start investing,2024 housing market,financial independence,biggerpockets,biggerpockets podcast,podcast