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About Video - Don’t see a mindset or normal coach…’re wasting your time. Do this instead. Don’t see a mindset or normal coach…’re wasting your time. Do this instead. Why would you choose a spiritual coach over a normal coach….. There is a very big different between normal coaches, mindset coaches and a spiritual coach. And here are the reasons why you would choose one over the other. The problem with mindset and normal coaches. Is that they focus on problems. That you have a presenting issue or issues that needs to be fixed. That somehow who you are right now is broken. And this will result in you taking some actions to fix the current problems. That you need to become someone different and when you get “there” then you will be happy. Or you must achieve something such as a goal or outcome to validate your self-worth. They focus on external achievement. Sure, they may throw in some mindfulness, meditation, visualisations, and ice baths. But you are in a trap. And you don’t even know it. Because then your self-worth or value is intrinsically linked to an external outcome or to another version of you. And if this version of you or your outcomes change then your self worth and value changes with it. Which leaves you as a victim of life and circumstances. These coaches work with tools and strategies to get you somewhere. Which is in the end nowhere. Whereas spiritual coaches do not work like that. We work much more efficiently. It’s game changing. Spiritual coached do not need or use tools, practices, and strategies. Because we know that the problems you have are just a story. Created from what you believe and your identity. And that by realising who you really are. That there is nothing to fix. That you are an infinite, boundless, timeless being. Having a human experience. That has no inherent to life but the meaning we give it. That life is something we create. It’s not what happens to us. That you are not broken, wrong or unlovable. That in reality there is nothing to fix. But to realise the lies about the story you are telling yourself. And once you know that, then there is no need for any tools to fix something. This is why we spiritual coaches are so powerful. Because we help you break away from standard self-help and personal development. Which keeps you locked in the 3rd dimension world. And if your locked in this 3rd dimension there is only so far you can go. You have to use tools, practices and strategies to make any progress. But to make real and profound transformation. One that breaks the model of self-help and personal development. Seek out those that work in the sacred mystery school teachings. Because it’s a game changer. Greg Riley is Australia's Pre Eminent Spirtual Advisor and Australia's Most Gifted Psychic. Greg was crowned "The One" Australia's most gifted psychic and has since then worked in the space of high performance and consciousness heping people turn into unstoppably calm, capable, game changing and energetic business and personal alchemists. Greg’s website: Greg’s Facebook pages: To book a session email or go to Keywords: self improvement,positive thinking,manifesting,law of attraction,coaching,excellence,postive thinking,affirmations,subconscious,self development,habits,success,motivation,inspiration,change your life