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About Video - IS OLIVE OIL BAD FOR THE BODY? TOP 5 FACTS! Konnichewah, gojiman here. Welcome back to my channel. Today im going to be talking about whether olive oil is good for the body. There is so much misinformation about olive oil so I am not going to go backwards and forwards with studies, I am just going to give 100% fact that is undisputed. Follow me on Instagram: If this is your first time on my channel then please consider subscribing. I do vegan health and nutrition videos on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, so I am sure there will be lots of information here to help you live a healthier and happier vegan life. So before I get started, Question of the day. Let me know in the comments below whether you use olive oil and what your thoughts on it are. Also hit the like button so I know I am making the type of videos that you enjoy. So as I said, there is so many studies on Olive oils, many for and many against. So I am I not going to wade around in the studies, I am just going to give you the hard facts that are undisputed. Firstly, both vegetable and animal fats contain 9 calories per gram. And to give you an idea, 1 tbsp of olive contains 13.5g of fat, which equates tp 120 calories. So the point I am getting to here is that olive oil is high in calories and these calories will absolutely go to the waistline. And why do I say this? Well we know from fat biopsies of overweight women from Europe who consumed low carb high fat diets (including plenty of olive oil), over 55% of the fat biopsied from these women was specifically derived from the olive oil they consumed. So people who say that the fat you eat is not the fat you wear are slightly misguided and they probably need to read a bit more about what the hard science tells us. So fact number 1, olive oil has an extremely high calorie density. It contains over 4000 calories per pound which is the highest of any food on the planet. Fact number 2: The ideal omega-3 to 6 ratio is 3:1 or 4:1 depending on who you listen to. If you can achieve this then your risk of heart disk and stroke is massively reduced, along with many other disease risk factors. Olive oils omega-3 to 6 ratio is 14:1. Fact number 3: We all know that saturated fats are inherently bad for the body. That is why health organisations around the world recommend that we try and reduce are saturated fat levels down to 7%. Again, we know by doing this we greatly reduce our risk factors for many diseases. Olive oil is 14% saturated fat. So how is pouring 14% saturated fat on your food ever going to help you achieve this 7% target? Its illogical. Fact 4: Adding olive oil to your salads and foods does not make them more heart healthy. This is what your blood looks like after rice and beans. As you can see it’s nice and clear. And this is what your blood likes like after eating fat and oils. Now not everyone has an exaggeration to this extent, but you get my point. After eating oils everyone has a tidal wave of fat through their blood stream. Oils clog the blood and damages the endothelial cells around the heart and increase your risk of heart disease. The endothelial cells produce nitrc oxide which helps the artery walls to stay healthy, but olive oil and many other foods damage this process. And to put this into perspective. 1 in every 2 people die of heart disease. If you look at heart disease in the animal kingdom its almost non-existent unless the animal has been domesticated such as a cat or dog. Animals eat the foods they were designed to eat. They don’t isolated oils and sugars and call them healthy. And they certainly don’t need statins because of it! Fact 5: What is annoying about the whole olive oil and health benefits fiasco is that a team of scientists went to the medittearean after the war, during lent, and did a study and now everyone says because of these findings that olive oil is one of the main components of why the diet is healthy. The reality of it is that this study has been proved to be skewed by many different studies since. Just think about it. The scientists went to the meditterean after the war when people weren’t eating meat and high amounts of saturated fats because it simply wasn’t available. Therefore heart disease and others diseases were low at the time. By gathering half truths and half information and with the intention of support the scientists claim, that oils were healthy, they came up with 2+2=7. The meditterean diet does not prove that olive oil is healthy. European countries have some of the highest rates of heart disease and cancer in the world. And what the science actually says is that the medittearean diet is propped up by lots of fruits and vegetables, and much of this good is undone by the meats and oils they use. So I hope you found this video useful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for watching and I will see you tomorrow. Keywords: is olive oil bad for the body,gojiman,is olive oil good for you,is olive oil bad for you,why is olive oil bad for you,why is olive oil bad,olive oil is not healthy,olive oil is bad for you,olive oil is bad,does olive oil make you fat,is olive oil bad for your skin,is olive oil bad for your cholesterol,health,vegan,olive oil,heart disease,vegan diet,weight loss,plant based diet,mediterranean diet