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About Video - You Don't Bring Me Flowers (Christian Parody Psalm 13) You Don't Bring Me Flowers is Christian Parody (reel version) of Psalm 13 recreated by Shonda Carter. The original song was made by Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond. This video was created during a sad time in my prayers. Psalm 13 shows that "I was never so low that I could not find that David was lower, and I never climbed so high that I could not find that David was above me, ready to sing his song upon his stringed instrument, even as I could sing mine." (Spurgeon) "You don't bring me flowers you don't sing me love songs. You hardly talk to me anymore when I come through the door at the end of the day I remember when I couldn't wait to see you Praying without ceasing Now I'm sitting here underneath a tree Well, it- I feel like Elijah exhausted and spent and all that I prayed for led to disappointment You don't say you need me I thought you were mad at me Please tell me what you want me to pray for. Keywords: Shonda Carter,psalm 13,david,bible,christian parody,reel parody,shobiznistry,witty worship,You don't bring me flowers,bible stories,bible prayers,psalm,visual ministry,psalms