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About Video - Epic Adventures And Heartbreaking Losses | Offshore 50 Miles West Of Sarasota Fl,Chasing Big Fish! Welcome to our YouTube channel! In this thrilling video, join us as we embark on epic adventures and encounter heartbreaking losses while offshore, 50 miles west of Sarasota, Florida. Our main goal? Chasing big fish! Subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell to be notified when we release more thrilling content like this. Don't miss out on the epic adventures and heartbreaking losses that await you offshore, 50 miles west of Sarasota, Florida. Get ready for the chase! My Amazon Link, Helps supports the Channel. Just click on the link and shop like normal and the channel will get a small commission: ✨ JOIN Clearwater Boating ✨ Clearwater Boating Channel: 🎥 CONNECT WITH Clearwater Boating 🎥 Web Link: 🍁 ABOUT Clearwater Boating 🍁 Welcome to our channel, where we take you on an exhilarating journey as we explore the vast wonders of the sea through fishing and boating! Get ready to dive into a world of adventure, breathtaking views, and the thrill of reeling in the perfect catch. 🎥 Checkout Other Related Videos 🎥 ➟DIY Boat Repairs: Tackling the Live Well - Can it be Fixed? Watch and Find Out! 🔗 ➟Under the Full Moon: Father Vs Daughter Fishing Showdown for the Biggest Catch!#Nightfishing 🔗 ➟First Time Seeing My Boat From The 3rd Person View. 🔗 #offshorefishing #deepseafishing #gulfofmexico #clearwaterboating #reeffishing #sarasotafishing Related keywords adventures offshore offshore water chasing big fish sarasota florida sarasota beach offshore 50 miles west sun outdoors sarasota sarasota beach resorts heartbreaking losses sarasota water sarasota city water Keywords: clearwater boats,champion marine,vaughn christian,gulf fishing,epic adventures,catching fish,big catch,squid fishing,catch a fish,catch fishing,hardest fish to catch,big fish caught,offshore adventure,adventures offshore,offshore water,sarasota florida,sarasota beach,sun outdoors sarasota,sarasota beach resorts,sarasota water,sarasota city water,chasing big fish,offshore 50 miles west,heartbreaking losses,sea fishing,sarasota beaches