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About Video - How Chicago's Black Ghettos Were Created Since last year the topic of reparations for the Descendants of American Slavery has gain momentum with mainstream media picking up the topic for discussion. With that momentum it is important that we continue to educate ourselves on the necessity of reparations understanding how the targeted discriminatory practice of yesterday caused the eminence poverty Black Americans carry till this very day. Article: 'Contract Buying Robbed Black Families In Chicago Of Billions' --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***For those who recognize the value of TD Hip Hop Media as well as the importance of it growing independent of YouTube. Please show you commitment to the channel by joining us on Patreon.*** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE do me the BIGGEST favor and join TD Hip Hop's text message list by texting 'tdhiphop' to number 33222. Thanks! Keywords: Tony Delerme,TD Hip Hop,Black Media,Hip Hop Media,Black News,Black America,African American Culture,black empowerment,Black Power,ADOS,foundational black americans,Tariq Nasheed,professor black truth,The black authority,Jason Black,antonio moore,tone talks,B1,Chicago,Chicago Ghetto,Chicago Hood,Chicago Hoods,chiraq,Chicago gang,segregation,segregation chicago,housing discrimination in the 1950's,housing discrimination Chicago,Jim Crow