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About Video - KÜSSI Peelers are the Sharpest In The World! - We circled the globe to find peelers that could confidently be called the sharpest in the world. And we think these KÜSSI Peelers totally fit the description. The peelers are available with a straight edge, serrated edge, and a julienne style. Try them out in store or order online. KÜSSI Straight Edge Peeler - KÜSSI Serrated Edge Peeler - KÜSSI Julienne Peeler - Don't forget to check us out on social media for more great products and updates! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe for more videos! Keywords: KÜSSI,Peelers,Vegetable Peelers,Serrated Edge,Straight Edge,Julienne,Vegetbles,Kitchen Tools,Kitchen Gadgets,sharpest,peeler,kitchen,potatoes,house of knives,andre eng,vegetable peeler,cooking,vegetable peeler reviews,vegetable peeler types,potato peeler,potato,food,Kussi Peeler,kussi peelers,sharpest peeler,sharpest potato peeler,sharpest vegetable peeler,best kitchen gadgets,10 kitchen gadgets,Canada,Kussi,Kussi Peelers