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About Video - Why is QATAR the RICHEST Country on EARTH? - VisualPolitik EN The government of Qatar has investments and properties all around the world. It is the birthplace of Al Jazeera, the most important Arabic media company and then there is Doha, the capital, which is a sea of skyscrapers, malls and luxurious cars. Today we'll be talking about Qatar! And don't forget to visit our friend’s podcast, Reconsider Media: CC licensed content used in this video: Keywords: VISUALPOLITIK,ENGLISH,qatar,DOHA,QATAR CRISIS,QATAR BLOCKADE,SAUDI ARABIA,UNITED ARAB EMIRATES,DUBAI,PERSIAN GULF,MIDDLE EAST,RICHEST COUNTRY ON EARTH,QATAR ENGLISH,SIMON WHISTLER,QATAR WAR,QATAR ECONOMY,NATURAL GAS QATAR,OIL GAS,OIL QATAR,UNITED STATES,LNG,LIQUIFIED NATURAL GAS,AL JAZEERA,AL THANI,EMIR QATAR