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About Video - Walking in the Light of God Subscribe to this channel for new videos every week: All too often, we don't feel as though we are walking in the Light of God. This is usually because of our unhealed issues that act as a veil between us and the Light. In such moments, we need to remember to call in the Presence of God. One of the most common ways we block out the Light of God is when we buy into our human issues and illusions as being real. Even when we pray for God to "fix" something in our lives, we usually do so while simultaneously believing that the issue is real--which by default means it has power over us. But since only God really has any power, even our prayers then cause us inner conflict--because we are giving our issues power and then asking God to take them away--which doesn't work. So many of us are already awakening to the level of being Buddhas. This awakening has four stages that we can use for self-inventory to see how far along the journey we might be. 1) Recognizing that we (and other people) are asleep--which means our world is a dream. 2) Committing to living a life that confirms we are no longer asleep--which includes giving up addictions. 3) Becoming more and more responsible for our lives and for our experiences. 4) Having no other thoughts, opinions, choices, but God's. As we travel the spiritual path of awakening, there are four stages of consciousness that we all must pass through. In one way we journey through all of these at the same time and in other ways, we walk through a progression starting at the bottom and rise as we rise in consciousness. These stages are as follows: 1) STUDENTS: Once we choose to get on the path, we begin as students which includes beginners AND those who claim to be masters and teachers but are still unknowingly selfish. Such people are still students--even despite their protests to the contrary. 2) MASTERS: We become masters only after we have learned to absorb and practice what we have studied. Masters also tend to take responsibility for their lives. 3) GODS/GODDESSES: We rise to level of being gods/goddesses when we begin to see life from a big picture perspective--seeing things multi-dimensionally. Our mind at this level receives guidance as concepts instead of as details. Even our perspective of relationships changes from seeing a special someone out there to seeing only ONE out there. 4) CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS: The final level of consciousness that we reach is that of Christ. But this last step is not one of personal achievement as much as it is one of letting go of the "self" and being absorbed completely into the Will of God. This occurs when we have no thoughts, words, or deeds, beyond those of God. Then we are as God, and this is called Being the Christ on earth. Keywords: christ consciousness guided meditation,christ consciousness meditation,Christ Consciousness,Ascension,consciousness,lightworker,spiritual,gods/goddesses,rise to the level of gods goddesses,light of god,walking in the light of god,walking in the light,michael mirdad walking in the light,a course in miracles,a course in miracles meditations,best course in miracles teacher