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About Video - Special Kuzhi Mandi recipe | Thandoori Mandi recipe in Malayalam (കുഴിമന്തി) | Pappas Recipe #pappasrecipe #kuzhimandi #thandoori Hi Friends, Welcome to our new video "Kuzhi mandi recipe in malayalam". Hope you all like this tasty alfam/tandoori kuzhi mandi. We have added more flavors to this Mandi to make it special. We have prepared this with more ingredients and chicken we cooked like tandoori alfam chicken 00:00 Start 00:54 Ingredients 01:26 Preparing Thandoori chicken 03:47 Preparing Mandi rice 07:35 Cooking Thandoori Chicken 08:29 Final steps for tasty Kuzhi Mani Share and subscribe Pappas Recipe to show your strong support ❤️ _________________________ Please reach us at: Follow us on: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Find our other videos here: Pizza: Thiruvathira special: Chicken roll: Thank you ? Keywords: pappas recipe,best mandi restaurant,malayalam mandi recipe,restaurant style perfect mandi recipe,best mandi in uae,mandi recipe,how to cook rice for mandi,fadwas kitchen mandi,rice recipe,simple mandi,indiagate basmati rice,fish mandi,easy mandi,chicken mandi,no spicepowders mandi,kabaliyath,beef mandi,mutton mandi,manthi,basmathi,sella rice,india food,kerala food,malabar food,mandi,biryani,chicken manthi,thandoori,manthi rice,mandhi,chicken mandhi