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About Video - EATO's Ghana Jollof Recipe | Tasty Recipes | Ghanaian Food EATO's Ghana Jollof Recipe | Tasty Recipes | Ghanaian Food Happy Independence Day, If she loves you, EATO's Ghana Jollof should be on tonight's menu. Ghana Jollof is a dish that will transport your taste buds straight to the bustling streets of Accra. With its perfect blend of spices and textures, this dish is an accurate representation of the vibrant and diverse culture of Ghana. Crafted with care by EATO's team of skilled chefs, this recipe brings together a variety of mouth-watering ingredients including fluffy rice, juicy tomatoes, succulent chicken or beef, aromatic spices, and the pièce de résistance - the iconic scotch bonnet pepper. The result? A dish that is both hearty and spicy, filling and flavorful, and sure to leave you craving more. But what truly sets EATO's Ghana Jollof apart is the attention to detail that goes into each and every step of the cooking process. From selecting the freshest ingredients to taking the time to cook each element to perfection, this recipe is a true labor of love that pays off in every delicious bite. So whether you're a seasoned foodie looking to expand your culinary horizons, or simply in search of a delicious and satisfying meal, EATO's Ghana Jollof recipe is the perfect choice. With its bold flavors and rich history, this dish is a true testament to the power of food to bring people together and create unforgettable experiences. So why not try it and taste for yourself the magic of Ghanaian cuisine! ✅ Recipe/Instructions in line with video ▶ GHANA JOLLOF • TO MARINATE GOAT MEAT: • GOAT MEAT, 1/2, CHOPPED • BEEF BOUILLON CUBE , 1 • GARLIC PURÉE, 2 TBSP • GINGER PURÉE, 2 TBSP • MASSAGE MARINADE INTO MEAT • ADD A GENEROUS PINCH OF SALT ▶ STEAM MEAT OVER MEDIUM-HIGH HEAT FOR 10 MIN, UNTIL TENDER AND FRAGRANT ▶ REMOVE MEAT AND RESERVE STOCK FOR LATER ▶ VEGETABLE OIL, 1 CUP ▶ FRY STEAMED MEAT FOR 3 MIN, AND REMOVE WHEN BROWNED ✅IN THE SAME OIL: ▶ ADD RED ONIONS, 1 THICKLY SLICED BLENDED MIX (4 TOMATOES, 2 ONIONS, 4 SCOTCH BONNET PEPPERS) ALLOW TO SIMMER FOR 2-3 MIN ▶ADD TOMATO PASTE, 1 TBSP ADD STOCK FROM STEAMED GOAT MEAT REINTRODUCE FRIED GOAT MEAT INTO STEW CURRY POWDER, 1 TBSP ALLOW TO SIMMER UNTIL OIL RISES TO THE TOP ▶ADD BEEF BOUILLON CUBE, 1 WASHED RICE, 3-4 CUPS COVER WITH LID AND ALLOW TO COOK OVER MEDIUM HEAT FOR 10 MIN. ADD ANOTHER CUP OF WATER (IF NEEDED - THOUGH DO NOT SUBMERGE RICE!) ▶FLUFF RICE AND COVER WITH BAKING PAPER WITH LID TO ALLOW THE JOLLOF TO STEAM FOR 10-20 MINUTES BEFORE SERVING. #GhanaJollofRecipe# EATOsGhanaJollofRecipe #EATOEveryday recipes #EATONEATWORK #Tasty RecipesEATOsGhanaeatorecipe #EATOsGhanaJollofRecipe #Ghannajollofrecipewitheato Keywords: Ghana Jollof Recipe,EATO's Ghana Jollof Recipe |,EATO's Ghana,Ghana With Eato,jolliof rice,EATO's Ghana Jollof Recipe,Ghanna jollof recipe with eato,eato's ghana jollof recipe |,eato's ghana jollof tasty recipes,eato's ghana jollof recipe,ghana with eato,ghanna jollof recipe with eato,eato's ghana,ghana jollof rice with beef,african food,ghana jollof oven,GHana by eato network,ghana by eato network,EATO's Ghana Jollof Recipe | Tasty Recipes,jollof rice