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About Video - STEP BY STEP GUIDE to IMPROVE the Velocity of an AGILE SCRUM TEAM (as a Scrum Master) 💡 Want to become an expert, professional Scrum Master in record time & get hired? Click here: -- Add me on LinkedIn: Here's what we will cover: - What is velocity in scrum? - Why is velocity important in agile scrum? - How to increase velocity in a scrum team? - How to improve velocity in a scrum team as a scrum master? - Is it the scrum master’s responsibility to increase velocity? - Why velocity is not a productivity metric - Should velocity increase every sprint? - How does a scrum master increase the velocity of an agile team? - How can we speed up low velocity in a scrum team? - How to handle low velocity in a scrum team? - Tips and tools to improve velocity in scrum - Tips to double your velocity - How to track velocity in scrum? - Who tracks velocity in scrum? - Does the scrum master track velocity? - How to calculate the velocity of the team? What this channel is about: The #1 place on YouTube for all things Agile. This channel explores: - Agile methodology, principles and value - Agile advanced scrum masters training - Scrum developer, scrum product owner - Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP) - Agile project management and software development - Agile SAFe - etc. I want to hear from you. Please ask your question, provide feedback and give your point of view on the topic in the comment section below. Thanks for your support Keywords: velocity,velocity scrum,velocity agile,velocity scrum framework,improve velocity agile,increase velocity scrum,velocity scrum master,scrum master improve velocity,velocity productivity,velocity metric,speed up velocity agile scrum,handle low velocity scrum,low velocity scrum,tips increase velocity agile,track velocity scrum,calculate velocity scrum,why use velocity agile,yt:cc=on,average velocity