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About Video - TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE THROUGH SELF EMPOWERED GROWTH TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE THROUGH SELF EMPOWERED GROWTH Candice Cartner is an Executive Coach and Licensed Therapist who helps “stuck” business leaders, and other humans, build clear visions and create mindset shifts to move past barriers in their lives, work, and relationships. She applies her expertise in Executive Leadership, Organizational Psychology and Team Development to diagnose problem areas while supporting the growth of skills, strategies, and use of evaluative tools to achieve measurable evolution in career and personal outcomes for individuals. Additionally, Candice is a Three Vital Questions Certified Training Facilitator through the Center for The Empowerment Dynamic and provides trainings, workshops and Evidenced-Based, outcome driven education for organizations and teams across the country. For nearly 14 years she has helped thousands of clients achieve their personal and professional goals through her uniquely developed framework for mindset mastery while aligning their values & vision to reach beyond the potential they knew they had. Candice holds an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and a BS in Sociology/ Psychology with Concentrations in Family, Race & Minority Relations. She owns a Private Practice as a Clinical Therapist as well as an Executive Coaching Firm. She lives in NC with her husband and two small but mighty children. Workbook: Socials: 1. Instagram: @candicecartner Questions: 1. 5:39 What is the difference between fixed and growth mindset? 2. 52:32 How can we get out of the Karpman Drama Triangle? 3. 59:42 Is the Empowerment Dynamic influenced by stress? 4. 1:10:45 Do you recommend wearing all of the hats in the Empowerment Dynamic? 5. 1:14:04 Is it healthy to be a victim temporarily? Last episode below: #exampleofgrowthmindset #buildnewskills #whatisgrowthmindset #whatisfixedmindset #growthmindsetvsfixedmindset #trainmybrain #Avoidchallenges #ignorefeedback #learnfromfeedback #opportunitytogrow #helpmegrow #trynewthings #giveupeasily #desiretolearn #embracechallenges #Acceptcritcism #fixedabilities #growthmindsetstrategy #mindsetandmotivation Keywords: personal growth,goal setting,life through self empowered growth by jspeaks,acceptance,english,family,life,self love,self esteem,confidence,transform your life through self empowered by jspeaks,transform your life through self empowered growth,life through self empowered with jspeaks,impact theory,self rejection,transform your life through self empowered growth by jspeaks,ted talk,change your life,growth,growth tv,jspeaks,TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE THROUGH SELF EMPOWERED