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About Video - Shopping Top Furniture Brands with Couch Expert Arlyn Hernandez! | CouchDotCom|| Shopping Top Furniture Brands with Couch Expert Arlyn Hernandez! | CouchDotCom Welcome to Couch Experts, where home furnishings industry veterans share their knowledge and expertise on various topics. This episode features Arlyn Hernandez, a noted home furnishings editor and furniture brand creative director. Join her on a screen-share as she takes us shopping with her for a new couch for her own home! Jump to Your Sofa Insight: 00:00 Introduction & Arlyn's Sofa Journey - Dive into Arlyn's personal quest for a new sofa and why she's taking you along for the ride. 01:06 Interior Define Exploration - Discover the world of Interior Define and the magic of modular pieces. 03:32 Joybird's Vast Collection - Navigate the overwhelming yet exciting range of designs Joybird offers. 07:31 Apt2B's Customization - Delve into the world of custom sofas and the beauty of personalization. 08:18 Floyd's Limited Yet Impactful Selection - Appreciate the simplicity and care Floyd brings to its products. 09:40 7th Avenue's Singular Focus - Experience the allure of a brand that does one thing and does it exceptionally well. 10:53 Maiden Home's Designer Touch - Step into the luxurious world of Made in Home and explore the trends and styles that captivate interior designers. 12:00 Arlyn's Final Thoughts & Recommendations - Gather Arlen's top picks, insights, and a sneak peek into the accompanying article for more sofa wisdom. Ready to embark on this sofa shopping adventure? Let's dive in! 🛍️🛋️ From Arlyn: 🛋 Looking for the perfect sofa? Join me on a journey through 12 top Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) sofa brands as I share my insider insights. 🪑 Are you a sofa researcher like me? 🤔 If you've been on the hunt for the ideal couch, you're not alone. I'm here to guide you through the world of online sofa shopping, just as I'm on the quest for the perfect sofa myself. 👀 Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are changing the game, offering variety, style, and a seamless shopping experience right from your home. 🏡 Say goodbye to pushy salespeople and hello to endless style options! But first, what does DTC mean? 🧐 It's simple: these brands sell directly to you, no middlemen involved. That means unique designs and often, better customer service. Now, let's dive into some of the top DTC sofa brands I'm considering: 1️⃣ Maiden Home: Posh vibes and quality upholstery await. 2️⃣ Article: Great styles, great prices, and modern comfort. 3️⃣ Interior Define: Known for silhouettes and fabric colors. 4️⃣ Sabai Furniture: Eco-friendly, well-reviewed, and budget-friendly. 5️⃣ Joybird: Comfortable mid-century styles with a wide range of fabric options. 6️⃣ Burrow: Modular designs for growing seating needs. 7️⃣ Floyd: Detroit cool, unpretentious, and sustainable. 8️⃣ Inside Weather: No-nonsense selection, influencer favorite. 9️⃣ Sundays: Lounge-worthy pieces, perfect for movie nights. 🔟 Apt2B: A mix of made-to-order and ready-to-ship options. 1️⃣1️⃣ Sixpenny: Laid-back, stylish, and deep sofas. 1️⃣2️⃣ 7th Avenue: Versatile modular options for your living room. While I'm still deciding, these brands offer unique options that might be your perfect match. 🌟 Whether it's the Jones from Maiden Home, the Bondi from Inside Weather, or the Sebastian from Joybird, you'll find a world of couch possibilities. 🪑 Happy sitting, and may your couch dreams come true! 🛋💫 If you find this video helpful, show your support by hitting the "Like" button and "Subscribing" for more valuable tips on home decor, furniture selection, and creating your ideal living space. For a detailed written guide, check out our article: #SofaShopping #DirectToConsumer #OnlineShopping #InteriorDesign #HomeDecor #Furniture #SofaBrands #SofaOptions #StyleYourHome #HomeFurnishing #FurnitureDesign #SofaComfort #LivingRoom #HomeStyle #BudgetFurniture #CouchGoals #FurnitureReview #ComfortableSofa #HomeInspiration #SofaInspo #SofaIdeas #SofaDesign #CouchLovers #SofaStyles #LivingRoomGoals #FurnitureShopping #SofaTrends #SofaGuide #FurnitureExperts #HomeMakeover #ModernLiving #HomeStyling #HomeRenovation #SofaSelection #InteriorDecorating #FurnitureTips #LivingRoomDecor #DTCFurniture #CouchHunting #SofaSeekers #InteriorInspo #SofaLove #SofaEnvy #HomeInteriors #SofaLife #PerfectSofa #CouchComfort #HomeImprovement #LivingRoomIdeas #DTCBrands #SofaResearch #HomeUpgrade #SofaJourney #SofaExplorer #CouchHunter #SofaSelectionGuide Keywords: Shopping top furniture brands,Maiden Home,interior define,couch,furniture,online shopping,DTC brands,Sofa brands,sabai,Arlyn Hernandez,joybird,7th avenue,floyd,sofa,furniture flip,costco,decorate with me,Shopping Top Furniture Brands with Couch Expert Arlyn Hernandez! | CouchDotCom,CouchDotCom,interior designe,interior design trends 2024,2024 interior design trends,design trends 2024,interior design,decor,home decoration,couchsurfing,furniture set