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About Video - Belfast-Northern Ireland-Some of the attractions in the City ❤ Belfast City❤ Belfast in 60 Seconds Any visit to Belfast is always good - rain or shine! We spent some time recording some of its best known attractions, shops, buildings and tourist sites. We take a speedy trip around the city - so you can see what your missing! :-) Where is Belfast? What!! :-) Just in case any visitors are here - Belfast is in Northern Ireland - part of the UK and on the island of Ireland. It has a population of 1.2 million people who are looking towards a brighter future. Belfast is an amazing city - with even more amazing people...the city has been through the ultimate in ups and as low as they can go - downs. It was an industrial powerhouse in the 18th and 19th century and in the early 1900's it was the largest city on the island of Ireland. Sad times were never too far away - from the loss of the Titanic to Belfast being the 2nd most bombed city in the UK - to the troubles that impacted every part of Northern Ireland - the city has suffered more than most. But the people of the city set it apart....from sitting having a tea - to drinking a beer in their local to our 100 mile a hour chats. What else to say :-) Its a crazy, small city with loads of offer for locals and visitors. So put Belfast on your list - if visiting Ireland or even the UK - well worth considering due to the local attractions. Belfast tours are available on foot, bus, car, air and water! Travel to Belfast is easy with 2 airports and the motorway from Dublin. This video features - Belfast City Hall, Belfast Shopping, Cathedral Quarter, Albert Clock, Queen's University, Victoria Square Shopping Centre, Titanic Museum, Nomadic SS, Keywest band playing at the city bandstand and more ;-) Some of the best locations around Ireland / Northern Ireland and further afield. A travel blog/vlog of the hidden treasures that are on our doorstep. Keywords: Belfast,Belfast Northern Ireland,Northern Ireland,Belfast tourist attractions,tourist attractions,Belfast attractions,Belfast city,Belfast Ireland,things to do in Belfast,visit Belfast,Belfast tourism,Belfast tours,visit Ireland,what to see in Belfast,things to see in Belfast,Belfast travel,trips to Belfast,what to see in Belfast Ireland,around Belfast,Belfast in 60 seconds,Northern Ireland travel,Northern Ireland travel guide,hotels in Belfast,travel