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About Video - Learn What A High Speed Tower Crane Can Do! High Speed electric tower cranes are the future of the tower crane and construction Industry. Tower Crane Operator POV Split screen. Get an intimate never before seen view of a tower crane working and pouring concrete on a multiple Crane huge commercial construction project. See the cabin of a 2023 tower crane. This is not your Grampas crane. No gears this is a frequency drive high speed all electric tower crane. See how the operator communicates over the radio with ground workers and with guys on the ground. Techniques are shown and concepts explained. No construction experience necessary to truly enjoy the marvel of technology that are modern day construction tower cranes. 🙏 Welcome 🙏 to the best Tower Crane Page on YouTube!!!! Watch & Learn, Find Resources & Enjoy! ⬇️The Best Crane (mobile & tower & overhead & all) & Rigging Resource ⬇️ ⬆️ #1 📕4️⃣ Rigging and cranes 🏗️ ⬆️ Watch as the Tower Crane Operator communicates over the radio and with hand signals to ground workers including Rigger and concrete placers to fly buckets of concrete into a wall footing. If you like machinery and are interested in construction and quite frankly epic machines used to accomplish things, then this is the channel for you. Descriptions are given and the viewer is given lots of information making this a seamless experience watching how a Tower Crane Concrete Pour is executed on a large commercial construction site. ***NOTE*** Entertainment purposes only. The footage does not accurately represent the work being completed. ***NOTE*** ENJOY LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE Keywords: HEAVY BROWN,RAW VLOG,Tower Crane Epic 04,crane,tower crane,crane operator,city tower crane,tower crane operator,tower crane assembly,crane fails,clumbing up a tower crane,tower crane construction,crane accident,tower,construction sire tower crane,crane fail,public crane,crane driver,HEAVY BROWN EPIC 04,tower cranes,High Speed electric tower cranes,High Speed Tower Crane,Tower Crane,A High Speed Tower Crane,High Speed Tower Crane Can Do