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About Video - Random Tips for Better Long Runs | Half Marathon Training with a Dietitian Training for a half marathon or another running race? This video will give you some random tips for better long runs, from digestive support to managing muscle pain to nutrition and ways to pass the time and make running more meaningful when you're doing long runs that last for hours. This was my 11-mile run at a zone 2 pace. I'm a dietitian, so in each of these videos I also share nutrition tips to make your running, digestion, and recovery better. Links to products I mentioned: -Peppermint essential oil: -Deep Blue Stick for sore muscles: For either of the above, if you use this link you will get wholesale prices (25% off!) -Nike Running sleeves: -Ucan Energy Gels: My Favorite Podcasts when running: - @KimDolanLetoFIT (Christian Fitness for Women) - @stephencabral (Naturopathic Doctor/Natural Health) - @bengreenfieldlife (fitness, health, bio hacking, and random (sometimes sketchy) health tips) - @jayshetty Music credit: Voyage by @iksonmusic Keywords: Long distance running tips,Long run recovery strategies,random tips for long runs marathon,Random Tips for Better Long Runs,Half Marathon Training with a Dietitian,half marathon training with holly,random tips for better long runs,half marathon training with a dietitian,marathon training plan,long distance running tips,half marathon training,training for a half marathon,half marathon training for beginners,half marathon training tips,running technique,running tips