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About Video - Housing Market is UPSIDE DOWN | Home prices crashing In This Videos Florida's Housing Market Has COLLAPSED, 200,000 Homes Hit The Housing Market The Villages Florida housing market crash 2024 Related Videos. This Video more Explain housing market crash 2024, Most of people Don't know Florida's Housing Market or 200,000 Homes Hit The Market Overnight. Don't Worry This Video Complete Explain This Topic. This Video Created by The Andrew Burr Group "Living in South Florida Does Not Suck" YouTube Channel. Florida's Housing Market has reached the point of inflection, where the crash has begun. Florida, known for its sunny beaches, theme parks, and retirement communities, has long been a popular destination for home buyers and investors. However, the state's housing market has recently experienced a dramatic and unusual collapse, as over 200,000 homes were listed for sale in a single day, causing prices to drop and buyers to panic. Homes for sale and inventory have spiked across markets like Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, and Lakeland. Meanwhile - investors are now rushing to the door to sell properties before home prices crash. In this video i will go over my opinions as a seasoned realtor and what i believe to see in the near future. 📣 Connect with Us: Share your thoughts in the comments below! Follow us on Instagram: RealtorAndrew1 Facebook: RealtorAndrew1 for real-time updates and sneak peeks into our Florida adventures. 👂 Listen to Previous Episodes: Ep 14: Never miss a video by turning on notifications! Be the first to know when we drop exciting new content that could lead you to your next home or investment opportunity. ⏺️ Are you Buying a House in 2023? Subscribe and never miss a new episode from Living in SoFl does not suck. ⏺️Have a question for the show? Comment Down below and reach out to us to be featured in our podcast, Weekdays from 2-5pm ET ⏺️Want a plan for home buying? DISCLAIMER: This video content is intended only for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes. Related keywords: real estate, future of the housing market, 2024 housing market, stock market crash, when will the housing market crash?, housing market crash 2024, market is crashing, housing prices, housing market forecast, us housing market 2024, housing bubble, will the us housing market crash?, housing market 2024 forecast, housing market update, housing crash, us housing market, housing market crash, housing market Related Hashtags: Most of people Regular Search on Google Florida housing market crash 2024 and Florida housing market collapse, They interested to know Florida housing market. This Channel Regular Upload your interested the villages Florida real estate a to z Topic. #housingmarket #housingmarketcrash #homeprices #house #househunting #marketcrash #realestate #housingmarket #homeprices #housingmarketcrash #FloridaLiving #HouseViewing #FloridaRealEstate #housingmarket #housingcrash #sunshinechronicles #2024housing #housingcrisis #floridarealestate #realestate #realestateupdate #southfloridaliving #floridahousing #floridahousingmarket how far will florida real estate prices fall,house prices florida,sarasota florida home prices,space coast florida home prices,sputhwest florida roblox all cars and prices Keywords: housing market,housing market crash,us housing market,housing crash,housing market update,housing market 2024,will the us housing market crash?,housing bubble,us housing market 2024,housing market forecast,stock market,housing market 2024 forecast,housing prices,market is crashing,housing market crash 2024,when will the housing market crash?,stock market crash,2024 housing market,future of the housing market,real estate,the future of the housing market