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About Video - P -1, O-1 Visas & Visas for Tennis Student Athletes Name Image Likeness In this video, we address common questions from international student athletes, especially tennis players, about their visa options after graduation. Key Topics Covered: 1. F1 Visa and OPT Program: Learn about the limitations of the OPT program for student athletes. 2. P1 Visa Challenges: Understand why P1 visas can be tricky for tennis players and the importance of detailed itineraries. 3. O1 Visa Benefits: Discover why the O1 visa is often the best option for tennis players, offering flexibility for coaching, NIL deals, and more. 4. Practical Steps: Get actionable advice on assessing your situation, consulting an immigration attorney, and preparing a strong visa petition. For international student athletes, navigating U.S. visa options can be complex. This video provides insights and tips to help you choose the best path for your athletic career. #VisaOptions #TennisPlayers #OPT #P1Visa #O1Visa #ImmigrationLaw #SherrodSeward #SherrodSportsVisas #StudentAthletes #USVisas #NILDeals #InternationalAthletes #SportsVisas #TennisCareers