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About Video - Gunbuster 「 AMV 」 Finest Hour Check out my Nadia AMV 'Darkest Hour' here: ------------------------------­---------- ANIME: Gunbuster MUSIC: Bomfunk Mc's feat. Anna Nordell - Turn It Up (Bionick bootleg remix) ------------------------------­---------- Twitter: Twitch: YouTube: Backup: Website: ------------------------------­---------- I like Gunbuster. It deals with time and space and wraps my mind. I like the characters and their sacrifices. It's a pretty epic 6-part Anime OVA from the director of Evangelion and worth your time. After finishing my last Lupin III AMV "Blood Oath" i wanted to edit to Your Name. However, there were no BluRays yet. So I was looking for another classic Anime to work with. Gunbuster came to mind. At first i wanted to edit to The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. A song i may use in another future AMV. But then i went for this Turn It Up remix that Pic4 suggested for the Faction 4 mix. It translates the heavy as well as the light hearted emotions from the Anime much better . I edited most of the AMV in late May/early June. But since i wasn't happy with the beta i paused the project and moved on to Chimera. I feel like there haven't been many good Gunbuster AMVs. And i don't know if this one will change the trend. I didn't want to crop the Anime to 16/9 as i prefer it's original aspect ratio. However, episode 6 is in cinema scope. So i upscaled it to 2142/1076 and recreated the 4:3 AR in Vegas Pro by picking the best 1432/1076 frame area for each scene. It was somewhat challenging but also a lot of fun as i had full creative freedom about which section of the frame i was going to use. Episode 6 also is black and white. From what i understand this is due to production problems back when they were creating it. Most Gunbuster AMVs usually skip this episode. But it had to be in this AMV if only for fanboy reasons. I hope you don't mind the black and white too much. ceddic, JadeCharm, Pic4 and Sojiro all beta tested the AMV at various stages. JadeCharm convinced me to release the AMV at AkrossCon 2017. I wasn't planning to participate at Akross again after Streetwalker in 2015. But i guess it helped me to finally finish this AMV. The next one shouldn't be too far out. ------------------------------­---------- SOFTWARE USED: Vegas Pro 14 Photoshop CS6 VirtualDub Avisynth Baka Encoder Keywords: AMV,amvde,Cenit AMV,AMV Cenit,Cenit,Gunbuster AMV,Connichi,Connichi 2017,Connichi AMV,Akross,Akross Con,2017,Gunbuster,Mecha,Mecha Anime,Mecha AMV,Bomfunk MCs,Turn it up,Anna Nordell,Bionick bootleg