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About Video - How To Give Jesus The Legal Right In Every Situation Of Your Life How To Give Jesus The Legal Right In Every Situation Of Your Life English Discipleship Retreat | Day 45 | Session 2 | 5th August 2022 #JCILM #JesusChristIsLordMinistries #BrJohnsonSequeira 00:00 Battle is between truth and lies 03:40 Key Note #1 10:40 Revelation of the Word brings revolution 12:47 Key Note #2 16:55 Key Note #3 21:40 How Br Johnson learned the principles of God’s kingdom 31:48 Br David shares example of calling things from unseen 33:55 God’s kingdom works on principle of calling the unseen 37:00 Be a thermostat not a thermometer 40:40 Key Note #4 42:41 Luke 19:8-10 45:43 Word of God is a treasure 50:00 Divided attention 54:48 Key Note #5 58:50 Br Johnson shares Sr Asha’s testimony 01:01:45 Confess with your mouth, believe in your heart 01:09:10 Don’t read the news, read the good news 01:13:15 Key Note #6 01:16:55 Jesus speaks through Word of God 01:20:42 Technical error 01:25:20 Key Note #7 01:27:19 1 John 1:9 01:30:55 1 John 1:7 01:33:48 Key Note #8 01:44:50 Key Note #9 01:50:05 Mathew 4:17 01:50:40 Testimony of Br Henry 01:58:55 Jesus paid for our sins on the cross 02:02:00 Gospel of love 02:03:50 Thanksgiving prayer JCILM GLOBAL REVIVAL SCHOOL English Discipleship Retreat Moriah Retreat Centre, Nellyadi, Mangalore 5th August 2022 Visit our website JCILM GLOBAL For MP3 downloads and resources, please visit To get WHITE BOOK (Confessions of Promises from Bible) in different languages please click the link below : Learn about upcoming events : JCILM MISSION : FREELY WE HAVE RECEIVED FROM JESUS CHRIST; AND THEREFORE FREELY WE GIVE UNTO BRETHREN. ⏪Watch Our Other Channels⏩ JCILM Konkani : JCILM Marathi : JCILM Hindi : JCILM Dubai : JCILM Children Ministries : JCILM Youth Ministries : JCILM Sri Lanka : JCILM Africa : JCILM Malayalam : JCILM Mysore : JCILM Chennai : JCILM Ireland : Follow JCILM on Facebook : Follow JCILM on Instagram : Follow JCILM on Twitter : About us JCILM - JESUS CHRIST IS LORD MINISTRIES is a LAY GLOBAL MINISTRY founded in India by Brother Johnson Sequeira on the Good News of Jesus Christ through the Word of God. For assistance in any area of life, please call our 24/7 JCILM FREE HELPLINE, MISSED CALL +916380350221 @@OR send a WHATSAPP MSG/SMS +919345295642 @@(no calls) Anointed warriors of Christ are waiting to help you. JESUS LOVES YOU. Keywords: Jesus,How To Give Jesus The Legal Right In Every Situation Of Your Life,legal rights,every situation in life,how to give Jesus the legal right,faith,fear,worry,follow the instruction,build your faith,Jesus the redeemer,lies of the enemy,lies or truth,lie or true,give Jesus the entrance,jcilm live,jcilm info,jcilm,br johnson sequeira,br johnson sequeira teaching,discipleship training jcilm