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About Video - (AI Robot CEO Selling Wine & Rum!!)TECH SILK. This mind-blowing video introduces Mika, the revolutionary first ever robot CEO appointed by Polish rum company Dictador. Powered by cutting-edge AI and machine learning, Mika makes unbiased, data-driven decisions aligned with the company's goals. We explore the exponential growth of the AI robotics industry as companies utilize smart bots for consumer products, autonomous systems and human-like artificial brains. Mika's unique analytical capabilities and humanoid qualities make her the ideal futuristic leader. Beyond overseeing projects and curating NFTs, Mika works tirelessly 24/7, commits to 7-day work weeks, predicts profit/loss and identifies potential clients. With costs dropping and efficiency rising, AI robots are expanding across industries from manufacturing to healthcare. Mika's precedent-setting story proves that AI leadership could be the future, blending technological prowess and human values. This fascinating documentary highlights how groundbreaking bots like Mika are revolutionizing the workplace. If you enjoy tech innovations, remember to like and subscribe! Welcome to our channel at the cutting edge of science, technology, innovation and glimpses into the future. We explore everything from physics, quantum computing and nanotechnology breakthroughs to the latest developments in AI, machine learning, robotics and computer science programming. Our content keeps you informed about the newest tech inventions and discoveries that are shaping emerging technologies - from biotech silk to neural implants. Through virtual tours, explainers and intelligent discussion, we guide you through revolutionary concepts like ancestor simulations, graphene microprocessors enabling new computational paradigms and advances in genetic engineering. Get the inside scoop on research from tech superlabs like CERN or MIT focused on transplantation, neuralink augmentation, microchip implants, cloning and more intriguing areas. Join our community of tech enthusiasts united by a passion for understanding these exponentially accelerating technologies and innovations that aim to enhance human potential and transform the future of life as we know robot ceo selling wine & silk ✅✅✅ Subscribe Link : Keywords: AI Robot CEO Selling Wine & Rum,ai news,ai robot ceo,cnbc,stock market,ai robot ceo selling wine & rum,ai cover,tech news,ceo mika,ai revolution,Robot CEO Selling,science news,generative ai,tesla stock,robot ceo selling,open ai,ai ethics,finance news,CEO Selling Wine & Rum,artificial general intelligence,AI,tech silk,openai,techzone,digital transformation,TECH SILK,sam altman,technology trends,ceo selling wine & rum