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About Video - Keyes Outdoors Musky Hunting Adventures - 2018 Episode 2 - Wild River Minnesota Mike, Dave and Ben take on another Wild River muskie hunt. When an old man in a bar tells these guys that huge muskies were eating his walleyes during the spring run, well they had to see if these were just stories or if the old man was telling the truth. ►► SUBSCRIBE to our► LIKE us on► Subscribe to our adventure channel - Adventure Outdoors► LIKE our Adventure Outdoors TV Facebooke► All videos are produced by Keyes Outdoors Productions - for rates or questions, please emailEmail:▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ABOUT KEYES OUTDOORS MUSKY HUNTING ADVENTURES ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Keyes Outdoors is a fast-paced, cutting edge outdoor series and production company. We at Keyes Outdoors are extremely passionate in our pursuits and we strive to produce the most exciting and unique outdoor adventures seen on TV today. Our outdoors team consist of some of the most knowledgeable, hard-working, and intense individuals in the outdoor industry today. These guys truly live the outdoor lifestyle. They will do what it takes to teach you all about the tactics, techniques, and the hottest locations that bring them success. At the same time, the adventure format of our show will entertain you. Watch as we travel around the country, fishing the same waters you fish. We are the real deal. All fishing shows are filmed on public waters chasing big fish with lots of teeth and bad attitudes! Join us each week because you never know where we will be, but we guarantee it will be an adventure!2018 Keyes Outdoors Musky Hunting Adventures SponsorsMusky Innovations​AND Bulldawg RodsMUSKY MAYHEM TACKLE LLC​Musky Buster Lures​Kwik Trip​Team Rhino Outdoors​Llungen Lures​Skeeter Boat Center​Blue Water Fishing Products​Engel Coolers​Great Clips​Yamaha Motor​13 Fishing​Joe's Sporting Goods​ Keywords: Musky Fishing,Musky,Muskie,Muskies,Muskie Fishing,Fishing,Adventure,Outdoors,Keyes Outdoors,Musky Hunting,Hunting,Outdoor TV Show,Musky Innovations,Musky Mayhem,Musky Buster,Kwik Trip,Team Rhino,Llugen Lures,Skeeter Boat Center,Blue Water Fishing Products,Engel Coolers,Great Clips,Yamaha Motor,BullDawg Rods,Ranger Nets