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About Video - New Webinar: How to Pick a Shopping Cart That Makes You Money without Driving You Crazy! or visit https://AwesomeShoppingCart to get a 30-day trial of the #shoppingcart . In this short #webinar speaker, entertainer, and solutions provider Joe Libby explains some of the tools that you should look for in a good #ecommerce cart. You can grab a copy of Tom Antion's comprehensive #ebook that tells you what tools you should have in a good shopping cart. San Antonio, TX, #ventriloquist and #comedy #magician Joe Libby provides #familyfriendly #entertainment that makes events like yours memorable and huge fun! Subscribe to this channel to be notified of new performance clips and reviews. Joe Libby loves talking about performing arts, easy but effective marketing, and revealing the magicians' techniques that are used by con men and swindlers. He is a native of San Antonio and loves performing all around the city. He uses his talents to bring laughter to audiences at schools, festivals, libraries, private parties, and major companies. Joe Libby's clients include USAA, Luling Watermelon Thump, Catholic Life Insurance, Garden Ridge National Night Out, The HOW Foundation, Floresville Peanut Festival, the Rogers Little Theater in Rogers, AR, the Peaceful Solutions support group, and the Success Boot Camp 2017. In March 2017, he spoke at the TOTAL SUCCESS SUMMIT in Sydney, Australia, where he shared the platform with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Keywords: shopping cart,ecommerce,webinar,kickstart cart,Tom Antion,ybbileoj