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About Video - Extreme Home Renovation: Transforming a House of Horror into a Dream Home Get ready for an scary and inspiring one-story home tour, where I'll be sharing some fantastic home renovation ideas, especially focused on budget-friendly options. In todays episode we get to discover the inside of one of the worst before transformations i've seen to date. Join me as we explore how to tackle a house flip while keeping costs in check, from planning out a renovation scope of work to executing a budget-friendly home remodel. Once this project is complete, I can't wait to reveal the incredible before and after transformations right here on the channel. Trust me, the home renovation before and after shots are going to blow your mind! Stay tuned for all the exciting updates. Dont forget to subscribe for new videos every Wednesday! _____________ Follow Me For Extra content you wont find any where else: 📲 Instagram: @Jayabrams 📲 Facebook: Jay Abrams 📲 Tiktok: _____________ Hey everyone, it's Jay Abrams here, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to my channel! As a designer, builder, and architect, I've dedicated the past few years to diving into DIY projects and home renovations. Now, I'm excited to share that journey with you and hopefully inspire you along the way. Join me as we explore the world of design, construction, and creativity, one build at a time. Let's turn dreams into reality together, and show you that you can do it too! Materials in this video may include: Getting rid of mold House of Horror getting rid of drywall installing drywall installing new flooring installing carpet and removing carpet Related Keywords: On a budget, mobile home renovation, home renovation budget, home renovation shows, home renovation before and after, extreme makeover home edition, kitchen renovation, extreme home makeover updates, extreme home renovations before and after, converting old house into new house, turning a house into a home, real estate dream home, dream home, house of horror, house of horror into a dream home, Jay Abrams, transforming a house of horror, extreme home renovation. #ExtremeRenovation #HouseofHorrorMakeover #HomeTransformation #RenovationNightmare #HomeRenovationGoneWild #ExtremeMakeover #HouseofHorrorsRevamp #RenovationChaos #HomeRenovationHorrorStory #ExtremeHomeRevamp Keywords: Extreme Home Renovation,Transforming a House of Horror,Jay Abrams,House of Horror into a Dream Home,House of Horror,Dream Home,real estate Dream Home,turning a house into a home,converting old house into new house,extreme home renovations before and after,extreme home makeover updates,kitchen renovation,extreme makeover home edition,home renovation before and after,home renovation shows,home renovation budget,mobile home renovation,home renovation on a budget