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About Video - How to do layout of recessed lights How to do layout of recessed lights. I'm demonstrating on 2 examples (L-shaped room and rectangular) how to do proper layout/design of recessed/can lights in your room: - basics of design (how far to locate from the walls, ceiling fan) - how many lights do you need based on watts calculations and using dimmer switch - examples of adjustments due to obstacles - avoiding joists with thin lights - tools and gadgets to use (chalk line, distance laser, self leveling laser) Recommended thin lights I'm using in my projects: Chalk reel for lines on the ceiling: Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, which doesn't effect my opinion on the quality of products that have been used and recommended in the video. Sergii Soshka Follow On: #homeimprovement #sergiirealestate Keywords: recessed lighting,lighting design,recessed lighting layout,how to install recessed lights,recessed lighting installation,recessed lighting spacing,light spacing,installing recessed lighting,recessed lighting design,can light spacing,recessed light calculator,how to place recessed lighting,do it yourself world,pot lights,how to design recessed lighting layout,can lights vs recessed lights,kitchen light spacing,lighting design basics,can lights installation