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About Video - How to make Healthy Protein Shake | Warranted Nutritional pack of Banana & Date smoothie Best Protein Shake of Banana, Dates and Peanuts which will boost your energy and gives you immunity. Make it and drink, you will see the result, its a pack of nutrition your body needs. This Shake makes your bones and brain strong. Try it once and see the difference in your body. For 6 or 7 glasses of shake: 1 & 1/2 litter Milk 5 bananas 1 cup pitted Dates 2 tablespoons of Peanut butter Crushed nuts (optional) Sugar (according to your taste) Ice cubes Keywords: banana shake,smoothie,how to make,protein shake,best shake,boun appetito,healthy smoothie,healthy shake,meal replacement shake,protein smoothie,healthy smoothie recipe,homemade protein shake,easy,banana smoothie,quick and easy recipe,gives energy to body,good for bones,energy,milkshake,best milkshake,milk,peanut butter,dates,banana,nuts,drink,weight,almond,peanut,cold smoothie,chill smoothie