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About Video - Sherrod Seward speaks on FOIA Request Denial Tactics In this video, we discuss the importance of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests in immigration law. FOIA requests are crucial for obtaining information from federal agencies, especially when dealing with requests for evidence, denials, or other adverse decisions. This video about Sherrod Seward speaks on FOIA Request Denial Tactics Key Topics Covered: 1. The Human Element in Immigration Adjudications: Understanding how biases and moods of adjudicators can influence decisions. 2. Importance of FOIA Requests: Why requesting adjudication numbers and other information is vital for transparency and fairness. 3. Challenges with FOIA Responses: Common issues we face with USCIS responses and how to navigate them. 4. Strategies for Effective FOIA Requests: Tips on being specific, knowing your rights, persisting through challenges, and using legal recourse. 5. Our Commitment to Transparency: How we use FOIA litigation to ensure fair treatment for our clients and the immigration law community. We are dedicated to using FOIA litigation to hold government agencies accountable and improve the adjudication process. If you have encountered issues with your immigration process or need assistance with FOIA requests, we are here to help. #FOIARequests #ImmigrationLaw #USCIS #Transparency #SherrodSeward #InnovativeImmigrationLaw #VisaApplications #FairAdjudication #LegalAdvice #ImmigrationAttorney #FOIALitigation #ImmigrationSuccess #GovernmentTransparency Keywords: sherrod seward speaks on foia request denial,foia request denial tactics,foia,foia request,speaks on foia request denial tactics,foia request denial tactics from sherrod seward,sherrod seward foia request,overcoming foia denials,dealing with foia denials,foia request tips,sherrod seward advice,foia denial techniques,challenging foia denials,foia appeal strategies,sherrod seward on foia,foia denial solutions,sherrod seward foia tactics,us,visa,sherrod seward