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About Video - Growth Hacking | Digital Marketing | Get Tons of Traffic to your Website Connect with me on LinkedIn: I'm Srinidhi Ranganathan ⭐ Digital Marketing Coach, Growth Hacker, Speaker & Author ⭐ (Trained over 15000+ Students) | LION | Free Growth Hacking Online Course: Get Tons of Traffic to your Website through Influencer Content One of the most common woes for anyone running a business is getting “lack of traffic” to any website or blog. We all know that a business should have a good online presence. But believe it or not - it is easier said than done. All we need is a focused and strategic approach by leveraging content curation - which is content written by influencers to drive ultimate traffic to website, video or any landing page. There are tools that you could add to your content marketing arsenal that can send the much needed targeted traffic back to your website. This course will discuss one such tool: - the definitive magic bullet. Course Curriculum: 1) What is Backly all about? 2) Using Backly to create shareable links for building traffic. 3) Using Backly Social Media Bookmarklet to snip links out of anywhere and checking how Backly Links are visible on social media The course is targeted at: - People of any age or ability - People from any country - People with an interest in Twitter - Young entrepreneurs - Internet marketers - Digital Marketing teachers - Business Professionals - Social Media Specialists - Content Curators and Writers - Beginners who are learning Digital Marketing LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE NOW. Visit Keywords: Growth hacking,growth hack website traffic,website hack marketing,online course on growth hacking,growth hacking online course website traffic,website traffic,growth hacking digital marketing,digital marketing,growth hacking social media for business,Shivam Chhuneja,growth hacking social media,social media growth hack,social media growth hacking,social media growth hacks,tips to increase organic reach,growth hacking,increase organic reach