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About Video - How to Teach Kids to Use Real Knives in the Kitchen - Last week, House of Knives President, Mr. Andre Eng, was on Global BC talking about knife skills for kids. He brought along his young chef friend, Brennen, to show that kids can use real knives too. He goes over some tips and tricks on how to teach them safely. Tools featured in the segment include: KÜSSI Straight Edge Peeler - KÜSSI Serrated Edge Peeler - KÜSSI Julienne Peeler - Real (Short) Knives for Young Chefs: Check us out on social media! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe for more videos! Keywords: Kids,Knife Skills,Kitchen Knives,how to use knives,Teach kids how to cook,teach kids how to use knives,kitchen,knives,cooking,food,house of knives,kids knife skills,basic knife skills for kids,masterchef junior,kids cooking,kids cooking show,kids cooking videos,children cooking,children cooking real food,kids knife tutorial,House of Knives,Andre Eng,Chef Knives,Real Knives,Kids using real knives,Chopped Junior,Man vs Child