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About Video - Australian Painters - The Great Aussie Home - Australian Art Prints And Reproductions! Slide montage featuring great Australian paintings of the Aussie bush home ... enjoy! Visit for information about Australia's best known and contemporary artists and their paintings - Frederick McCubbin, Pro Hart, Tom Roberts, Sir Arthur Streeton, John Sindelar, Lloyd Rees, Russell Drysdale, Kevin Best, Anna Garland, Clara Southern, Jenny Baird, Darcy Doyle and more! Browse beautiful art images of the Australian landscape, aboriginal Australian art reproductions, and many famous Australian paintings that are now found in art collections and art galleries around Australia and the world. Music: Home Among The Gum Trees - Bullamakanka Keywords: australian art,australian art prints,australian painters,australian paintings,australian artists,gallery of australia,frederick mccubbin,arthur streeton,pro hart,tom roberts,john sindelar,lloyd rees,online art gallery,art prints,australian art gallery,famous australian art,aboriginal paintings,aboriginal art,australian,home among the gum trees,aussie,aussie bush home,bullamakanka