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About Video - Shape of you - Ed Sheeran - (Fingerstyle guitar cover) My arrangement of "Shape of you" by Ed Sheeran. Original version : Guitar : Ibanez aeg8e nt Tuning : Standard Capo:4th fret Find me on Facebook: Instagram: Keywords: acoustic guitar,acoustic guitar cover,cover,fingerstyle,fingerstyle guitar cover,guitar,guitarist,popular song,Ed Sheeran,Shape of you,fingerstyle arrangement,Sai Aakarsh,Shape of you cover,shape of you guitar,shape of you fingerstyle,Sai Aakarsh cover,Sai Aakarsh arrangement,Sai Aakarsh guitar,Sai Aakarsh fingerstyle,Sai Aakarsh fingerstyle guitar,ibanez aeg8e nt,ibanez aeg8e,aeg8e nt