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About Video - "Perry Skoutelas: Changing Personal Injury Law with Gladiate modern OS | Lawyer Stories Ep. 178" The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 178 features Perry Skoutelas, CEO & Co-Founder of Gladiate, the modern operating system for personal injury. Perry shares with us that he is a lawyer by education who has spent 10+ years improving business operations and building data products and teams within early and late stage VC backed tech companies such as Etsy and Grubhub as well as Seed - Series A companies. Perry co-founded Gladiate to help founding personal injury attorneys conquer legal ops. #lawyerstories #legaltech #personalinjury The official Lawyer Stories community features lawyers and law students worldwide. Join over 50,000 members sharing their personal journeys to the practice of law. What’s your story? Visit our website to learn more: Subscribe to our email list for exclusive deals, events and updates: FOLLOW US Instagram..... LinkedIn....... Facebook..... Twitter.......... TikTok.......... CONTACT US Email for information on how to be featured on a future podcast or partner with us as a sponsor. Keywords: Lawyer Stories,Attorney,Legal Tech,Personal Injury,personal injury lawyer case study,Lawyer stories podcast,Perry Skoutelas,Gladiate,personal injury law,injury compensation,cheating story real,personal injury attorneys,lawyer tips,commercial litigation,Lawyer marketing,law firm marketing tips,legal marketing,lwyer stories with Beny Gold,premises liability lawyer,attorneys on retainer,Benny gold