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About Video - Mortgage Market Update-We Have a Golden Cross, What the Heck is That? This video will tell you about today's and what is expected in this week's market for the week of January 22, 2024. We are in a Golden Cross Pattern in the Bond Market. This is really great news if you are hoping for lower mortgage rates. Are you looking for a mortgage advisor who can understand your unique scenario or someone who is licensed in all of Minnesota and Wisconsin? Then you are on the right channel! I can help you whether you are a first-time homebuyer, or with any type of loan type, you wish to use Connect with David Kosmecki Online! Visit Our Website: Find Us on Facebook: Follow on LinkedIn: Follow on Twitter: David Kosmecki NMLS 265365 📧 ☎️ +1 763-710-2610 USEFUL 🚀 Subscribe to this channel for more awesome content SUBSCRIBE Mortgage Market Update-We Have a Golden Cross, What the Heck is That? Related Tag: housing market predictions, fixed-rate mortgage rate updates, dan frio mortgage rates, mortgage guidelines, real estate market, first-time home buyer #marketupdate #mortgage #housingmarket #loans #david #houseforsale Keywords: Market Update Monday,June 26,money and banking,home interest rates,interest rates,mortgage rates,mortgage interest rates,federal reserve,fed interest rates,american pacific mortgage,david kosmecki,interest rate market,2024,mortgage guidelines,real estate market,win the house you love,mortgage,Dscr,usda,the rate update,mortgage rates 2024,Mortgage Market Update,housing market trends,dan frio,real estate market analysis,homeownership,David kosmecki