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About Video - Real Estate Investing in 2024: Big Risks, HUGE Opportunities Episode #854 There are huge opportunities for real estate investing in 2024. But before you buy, hear what the investing experts are doing to build wealth next year. For that, we’ve got the BiggerPockets "2024 State of Real Estate Investing Report"! In today’s show, BiggerPockets VP of Data and Analytics, Dave Meyer, and co-host of the "On the Market" podcast, James Dainard, will share their thoughts on where the housing market could go in 2024, what happened in 2023, and the biggest opportunities for investors over the next year. From low mortgage rates to tiny down payments, living for free, and buying brand new homes at a discount, they'll share strategies even beginners can use to build wealth in 2024. Want access to the entire "2024 State of Real Estate Investing Report"? Click here: ~~~~ Join BiggerPockets for FREE 👇 ~~~~ Expand Your Investing Knowledge With the BiggerPockets Books: ~~~~ Find an Investor-Friendly Agent in Your Area: ~~~~ Find Investor-Friendly Lenders: ~~~~ Grab the Full 2024 Report for FREE Here: ~~~~ Hear Dave and James on the “On the Market” Podcast: ~~~~ Try the BiggerPockets Real Estate Investment Calculators BEFORE You Buy: ~~~~ Connect with Dave: BiggerPockets: Instagram: @thedatadeli or ~~~~ Connect with James: BiggerPockets: Instagram: @jdainflips or ~~~~ Connect with David on BiggerPockets: ~~~~ Follow David and BiggerPockets on Instagram: @davidgreene24 or @biggerpockets or Show notes at: 00:00 Intro 01:24 Quick tip 01:58 2023 Housing Market Review 11:12 Strategy 1. Multifamily with 5% Down 12:46 Strategy 2. Low Rate New Construction 18:17 How to Invest in 2024 24:16 What to Look For 28:58 Grab the Report! Keywords: real estate investing,real estate,housing market,2024 housing market,2024 housing market predictions,housing market predictions,housing market prediction,housing market forecast,real estate forecast,real estate predictions,real estate prediction,mortgage rates,interest rates,mortgage interest rates,how to invest in real estate,real estate investing for beginners,recession,2024 recession,rental property,income property,biggerpockets,biggerpockets podcast