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About Video - VEGAN DETOX CLEANSE - MISS THIS STEP & RISK YOUR HEALTH Koniche-wah, Goji Man here. Welcome back to my channel. Today I will be talking about vegan detox cleanses, and specifically the step which most people miss that ACTUALLY puts their health at risk. Follow me on Instagram: If this is your first time here on my channel then please consider subscribing. I do vegan health and nutrition videos every day so I am sure there will be lots of useful information here to help you live a healthier and happier vegan life. Detox is critical, important and dangerous if done incorrectly. So Question of the day, let me know in the comments below whether you detox on a regular basis and how you normally detox. It might me water fast, juice or something similar. The reason it can be very dangerous is that there are 2 stages to detoxification in the body. Nutrition and then and only then detox. Many people just jump straight to detox. Think about it logically, the body needs approx 90 nutrients to run optimally. But in standard western foods many of these nutrients are missing from the food, so you either have to eat more of those foods or supplement. Now obviously if you are doing neither then there is a very high probability that that somewhere along the line you will deficient in a number of these 90 essential nutrients. So when you jump head first into detox without the nutrition stage, this is what happens. You begin eliminating foods, and start with some sort of cleanse which probably includes green juices or smoothies. The net result of this is that the body will use up its energy reserves (glycogen) and the body will start burning fat. Why is this a problem? Well the vast majority of toxins in the body are stored in the fat. This is because the majority of toxins in the food and the environment are fat soluble. So you are now motoring on your potentially dangerous detox programme and you are burning fat. Which is in turn is liberating toxins into your body. First into the blood and then through the liver. The livers most important function is to detoxify and remove toxins from the body. And it has two phases in which it does this. Biochemical action and reaction occurs in the 2 phases in which toxins are deconstructed and made safe in the body. Both fazes of these liver detoxification are very nutrient heavy. So if you jump into detoxification, start burning fat, liberate toxins and send them to an a nutrient deficient liver, the liver will struggle massively with phase 1 and 2 detoxification. So the toxins pass straight through the liver, still in tact, and they will be recirculated in the body. And this will literally mess you up. Detoxifying without nitrifying is like (and apologies for this analogy), but its like a bee keeper going into a nest without smoking and sedating the bees first. You are asking for trouble. We would all change the filters in are cars every 10-15,000 miles. It makes good sense then once a year to go on a safe and important detox programme. But the programme should always be undertaken by someone who knows what they are doing or under the supervision of someone who knows what they are doing. And if it is done correctly you will love the results and how you feel and you will be doing your body a great service. I also just want to touch upon the detox potions and lotions you can buy in supermarkets and health stores. These are absolutely not the route to go. All you are doing with these type of products is stirring up the bees nest. One of the best things you can do to support the liver during phase one and 2 is to drink beet juice on a weekly basis. And if you are not particularly keen on the taste then you can through in some apple juice or pineapple juice. And why is beetroot juice so good for the liver? Well it stimulates the production of new liver cells. So before you detox enter a nutrition phase for about 10-14 days which includes lots of fruits and vegetables, particularly leafy greens. Then incorporate daily beetroot juice and then undertake your detox programme. Your body will love you. You will feel like a superhero and yu will not risk your own health! Thanks for watching I will see you tomorrow! Keywords: vegan detox,vegan detox symptoms,vegan detox cleanse,detox,vegan,health,healthy,veganism,cleanse,weight loss,veganism (diet),detoxification (medical treatment),vegan diet,vegan food,fruit,juice cleanse,detoxification,raw food,vegan detoxification,vegan detoxification symptoms,raw vegan detoxification