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About Video - A Brief History of formation of England | Early Tribes of England | World History | Genral Studies The end of roman rule in Britain facilitated the angle-saxon settlement of Britain, which historians often regard as the origin of England and of the English poeple. The angle-soxons,a collection of various Germanic peoples, established several kingdoms that became the primary powers in present-day England and parts of southem Scotland. They introduced the old English language, which largely displaced the previous British language. The angelo-saxons warred with British successor states in western Britai and the hen ogledd (old north;the brittonic-spexking parts of northern Britain),as will as with each other. Raids by vikings became frequent aftar about ad 800, and the Norsemen settled in large parts of what is now England. During this period, several rulers attempted to unite the various anglo-saxon of the kingdom of England by the 10th century. In 1066,a norman expedition invaded and conquered England. The noman dynasty, established by William the conqueror, ruled England for over half a century before the period of succession crisis known as the. 2nd Anarchy(1135_1154). Following the anarch, England came under the rule of the house of Plantagenet,a dynasty which later inharited claims to the kingdom of France. During this period, magna Carta was signed. A succession crisis in France led to the hundred year's wers,England became embroiled in tis own succession ware. The ware of the roses pitted tow branches of the house of Plantagenet against one another, the house of York and the house of Lancaster. The lanceastrian Henry Tudor ended the war of the roses and established the Tudor dynasty in 1485. A Brief History of formation of England | Early Tribes of England | World History | Genral Studies special thanks. favpng freepik Keywords: #landon mcbroom,#landon tewers,#england history dacumentry,#england country,#england metroplitan boroughs,#united kingdom,#united kingdom history,#united kingdom flag,#united kingdom news,#melbourne,#londone view,#bartania country history,#bartania city