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About Video - WHAT I ATE TODAY - BEST VEGAN LOADED SWEET POTATOES EVER! Today's instalment is another what I eat in a day video. I have an amazing smoothie bowl, sweet potato soup and loaded sweet potato skins recipes for you. Follow me on Instagram: RECIPES BREAKFAST: Ingredients: - Frozen berries (3 cups) - Frozen mango (1 cup) - 2 tbsp goji berries - 2 tbsp chia seeds - 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds - 1 tbsp walnuts - 2 tbsp mixed nuts and seeds (of your choice) - Almond milk (as much as you need) Instructions: - Blend the fruit with the almond milk and add to a bowl. - Sprinkle other ingredients over the top - Enjoy! LUNCH Ingredients: - 3 medium sweet potatoes - 2 medium leeks - 2 vegetable stock cubes - 1 medium heat chilli - 1 large tspn tahini - 1 tbsp smoked paprika - Small handful of watercress to garnish Instructions: - Chop sweet potatoes and leeks and cook in the oven until nice and soft - Make vegetable stock from the stock cubes - Add the cooked sweet potato and leeks to a food processor - Add the vegetable stock and blend until smooth - Add the smoked paprika and tahini and blend again until well mixed in - Add to a saucepan and heat through - Chop the chilli into small pieces - Pour the soup into a bowl - Add the watercress and chilli to the top of the soup - Enjoy! DINNER Ingredients: - 3 medium sweet potatoes - 200g black beans - 200g mixed bean salad - 150g cherry tomatoes - Handful of coriander - 1 medium red onion - 1 lime - 1 medium heat chilli Instructions: - Cook the sweet potatoes on 180 degrees for 1 hour - While cooking chop the chilli, coriander and tomatoes - Heat through the beans (both mixed and black beans) - Remove the sweet potatoes from the oven - Scoop out the innards and place the skins back in the oven for 5 minutes - Add the innards to a mixing bowl with all the other ingredients - Remove the skins from the oven and load with the bean and sweet potato mixture - Enjoy! See you next week :) Keywords: what I eat in a day vegan,what i eat in a day,vegan,what i ate today,vegan recipes,what i eat,healthy,healthy recipes,what i ate,what i eat in a day healthy,plant based,breakfast,lunch,easy vegan recipes,vegan meal ideas,veganism,vegan what i eat in a day,full day of eating,raw till 4,hclf,dinner,what i eat vegan,vegan recipe,easy vegan meals,vegan food,day in the life,vegan student,easy vegan