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About Video - I DROPPED THE SOAP!!! [Rinse and Repeat] I DROPPED THE SOAP!!! [Rinse and Repeat] After a long day, you decide to take a shower. Maybe It's just your mind playing tricks on you, but you thought you heard something fall. It was probably nothing. Good thing you're almost done, all that's left is to wash your hair, but you have to close your eyes. What's the worst that could happen? #horrorgaming #gameplay #gaming Keywords: I DROPPED THE SOAP!!! [Rinse and Repeat],i dropped the soap!!! [rinse and repeat],I DROPPED THE SOAP,I DROPPED THE SOAP![Rinse and Repeat]|Level Up with Tom,i dropped the soap![rinse and repeat]|level up with tom,Level Up with Tom,level up with tom,Rinse and Repeat|Horror Gameshow |I DROPPED THE SOAP,rinse and repeat|horror gameshow |i dropped the soap,Rinse and Repeat,DROPPED THE SOAP,I DROPPED THE SOAP| Rinse and Repeat