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About Video - Channel Announcement| Aaliyah Holt ♣Information♣ I am happy to announce the Telltale series is coming back. I got my new phone now and I can start recording. Also I am planning to being a series that I wrote to YouTube, and I want you to be in it. Learn how you can be apart of it here Gaming videos are back, how ever it will me mostly low spec games feel free to suggest some games you would like me to play Music Information Subscribe to me, become a solider in the Holtain Army Join game flip for games, skins, gift card and many more use my code KR7WSJ Join Freedom Network Install Tubebuddy E-mail to contact me for collabs, projects or companies reaching out to me. If there is a video that you want me to take down, DO NOT message me on YouTube, I don't look at YouTube message. But please contant me via the e-mail I am providing. PLEASE give me within a week to respond. ♣Social Medias♣ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr xaaliyahholtx Snapchat jazz.williams41 Goolge Plus: YouNow: Ong.Social Follow My Blog On Steemit ♣support my channel♣ Support my channel on Patreon Direct donations Donate to my go fund me ♣merch♣ ttps:// ♣Back up sites♣ Follow me on Daily Motion Minds fliiby ♣website♣ My website