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About Video - Moses on the Mountain | The God of the Old Testament What do we really know about Moses and the 10 commandments? Contradictions in the biblical accounts, exaggerations and lost tablets - are you ready to question your understanding of the God of the old Testament? From the ten commandments to over 600 other rules, the image many have of the God of the Old Testament, is one of a 'kill-joy'. But wait a minute? Did God communicate all of these rules and if he didn't why were they added? And what if the rules he did give were only just the start of him trying to communicate his will to a people whose hearts were just as hard as the stone on which the 10 commandments were written? This is the third part of a series on the God of the Old Testament. To see the first video, (The Fruit of AI) click here: To see the second video, (Abraham and Isaac | The God of the Old Testament ) click here: TO CONTACT: Email Produced by: Clare Narrated by: Felipe Written by: Dave What is "A Voice in the Desert"? The purpose of A Voice in the Desert is to point people to the message, rather than the messenger. Most modern day prophets promote themselves more than the teachings of Jesus and the true message of Revelation. A Voice in the Desert challenges that error and more. Some of the things you hear on this channel may be difficult to understand, and may offend you. The goal, however, is to sweep away dogmas and traditions to reveal what Jesus actually taught. If the message in this video had an impact on you, then please subscribe to stay up to date with more videos []. CREDITS Various videos by The Bible Project Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) YouTube God And His Creation Old Testament In Hindi Animated Story by Christ Our Messiah Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) Bible Gateway Kinemaster Water wave Animation/Transition Green Screen by Lightning Editor Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) Media History: The Printing Press Revolution by Mike Scha Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) Sand blows on the Great Sand Dunes by Kelly Kochanski Creative Commons (reuse allowed) Keywords: speak the truth,messages from god,seeking the truth,true christianity,teachings of jesus,a voice in the desert,voice in the desert,Moses and the Ten Commandments,Moses and the 10 commandments,Moses and the burning bush,the 10 commandments,torah rules,old testament