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About Video - ODIN'S ANCESTRY - An Amazing Timeline Going Back to 2000BC! The Amazing Ancestry of Odin and his Sons. Norse Mythology is fascinating and contains a lot of truth compared to for example Greek Mythology that's degenerated to the core and homosexual Kings and Paedohiles as Zeus & Co Many European Kings can trace their linage back through Odin. But where does Odin come from? Where does the birthright of Kings originate from? For more information visit: This article is listed under: 100 Proofs the lsraelites were white: Music Used: Warrior by Filip Lackovic Valhalla by Antti Martikainen Odin's Sons - Veggdegg - Baldur - Siggi - Skiold - Saeming - Yngvi His sons ruled over the kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, East Saxony and Westphalia. This later included kingdoms in Britain, Wessex, Sussex, East Anglia, Kent and Mercia. Keywords: Odin,Woden,Wodin,All Father,Ravens,Vili Vé,Norse,Norse Mythology,Norse Sagas,Viking,Dane,Goths,Germanic Tribes,Germanic Religion,Norse Religion,Norse Gods,Loki,Giants,Elves,Dwarves,Valkyries,Yggdrasil,Nine Worlds,Asgard,Aseroth,Midgard,Niflheim,Muspelheim,Jotunheim,Vanaheim,Alfheim,Svartalfheim,Helheim,Ragnarok,Runes,Troy,Snorri Sturluson,Valkanut,Serpent,Thor,One-Eyed