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About Video - Ep 147 | David Pelligrinelli | Active Intel is Protecting you from Risky Scenarios The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 147 features David Pelligrinelli, President of Active Intel, in Addison, Texas, with locations in Florida and Oregon. David shares with us about being a licensed private investigator, how he was admitted as an expert witness for document forensics, and a certified civil and family court mediator. Active Intel provides professional services to assist consumer and business clients to achieve greater results with risky scenarios such as legal conflicts, cyber-attacks, and attempted fraud. We discuss David’s different websites and how they protect consumers. #lawyerstories #consumer #fraud The official Lawyer Stories community features lawyers and law students worldwide. Join over 50,000 members sharing their personal journeys to the practice of law. What’s your story? Visit our website to learn more: Subscribe to our email list for exclusive deals, events and updates: Support our efforts and get rewarded: FOLLOW US Instagram..... LinkedIn....... Facebook..... Twitter.......... TikTok.......... CONTACT US Email for information on how to be featured on a future podcast or partner with us as a sponsor. Keywords: Lawyer Stories,Fraud,Consumer Protection,Risk,Lawyer,Attorney